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Medical offerings

Prescription Delivery

Are your prescriptions ready?
No worries. We can either arrange the delivery or our staff can pick up for the patient.


Hospice Physicians lead the team of caregivers in charge of the patient by formulating a catered care-plan to fit the patient’s need.

On-Call 24/7

Emergencies happen and when they do, we are there to help. Our team is available to answer your call in your time of need.

In-Patient Care

We cover a patient in the event that they need overnight hospitalization due to a medical emergency and/or trauma.

Medication Management

We ensure that drugs are being used as prescribed. We limit the chances for abuse & ensure that patients are educated & able to use the prescription properly for their specific ailment.

Nursing Services

Our Nursing fleet is composed of all Registered Nurses equipped with both skill and a passion for pristine care, familial caregiving, and compassion. Bilingual nurses are available.

Continuous Care

In times of crisis, we are there to make sure we can get a patient back to their baseline/comfortable state.

Respite Care

Taking care of a loved one can take its toll & sometimes you may need a break.

Pain Management

Bringing comfort and relief is one of our many specialties. You can count on us to understand a patient’s symptoms and provide the solutions necessary to bring them back to a comfortable state.


HOME CARE offerings

Certified Home Health Aid (CHHA)

A Certified home health aid is there to help with both health-related issues and to present as day-to-day support. With CNA training, they teach patients ways to care for themselves despite illness or disability.

Speech Therapy

A patient may be in such an advanced stage of their illness that speech may be becoming hindered. We can provide assistance in making sure that lines of communication between patient and caregiver are as open and clear as can possibly be. Communication is key in making sure that patients receive proper care.

Spiritual Counselor

Spiritual counseling comes in all shapes and forms. Most times a patient may have a belief system that we as caregivers may adopt in order to provide the needed comfort. We believe that bringing peace of mind to a patient is key to assuring their well-being.

Physical Therapy

We provide Physical Therapy services for evaluation purposes. It is important to maintain the patient’s functional ability and conduct pain-relieving exercises that increase comfort and promote relaxation.

Social Worker Services

These services are like most of our offerings, beneficial for both the patient and their loved ones. A social worker’s main priority is to develop patient-centric plans that benefit both patient and family. We are here to not only be experts in our craft but also serve as a beacon of knowledge and resources for those who need help.


An extra pair of hands doesn’t hurt and we are blessed to be a resource for those who would like to lend a helping hand. Our trained volunteers are ready to serve those in need.


Home Medical Equipment

Passionate service and proper tools are two ways we can make sure our patients are well-taken care of. We work hard to provide all medication, hospice medical equipment, and supplies related to the patient’s hospice diagnosis at no cost to the patient or family. We take care of all of the logistics pertaining to the ordering, delivery, and set up of all necessary items allowing the patient and their loved ones to focus on their time together.


Incontinence Supplies

We provide an array of incontinence supplies to those patients who suffer from any condition that may require the use of these. These supplies are available in abundance and at no additional charge to the patient.


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Anything you need are the one we always provide.

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